If you want to become a member of a fraternity, begin by following these few easy steps.

· Show Up!

The First step is coming out, getting to know active members, making friends, showing them that you are a sociable guy. The number one reason people don’t get a bid is because they come out.

· Come to multiple events.

Fraternities host multiple events throughout the rush week period, come to as many ask you can so the members can really get to know you, converse with them about what’s going on, show interest in what they are doing, and they’ll return the favour

· Come Prepared.

Fraternities don’t want to bid just anybody, come prepared with some stories about your experience, what you want to achieve in the future. Tell them what you are good at, what you enjoy doing. It’s a mistake to focus only on what’s happening at the moment. The function is put on to meet you after all.

· Meet with Members.

Exchange phone numbers with members, meet them outside of the fraternity, study together. It shows that you are committed to life outside as well as wanting to be committed to the fraternity, and that you’re interested in making friends and not just putting a label under your name.

· Don’t over-do-it.

No one likes a show-off know-it-all. Be humble, kind, generous. If all you are interested in is showing everyone how great your pool skills are you probably won’t go very far.

Good luck out there!