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Our Mission

We aim to provide a quality lifestyle for all of our members. To provide an environment of learning and understanding. Delta Upsilon is the most progressive fraternity in North America. We’ve taken leaps and bounds in the direction of equality and social justice.

Our mission is to advance justice, to abolish secrecy, to stop elitism and to build character.

What We Believe

Fraternities since the 1820s have been based on secrets, lies, deceits, elite status, and unmerited success in North America. We shun those values.

As the most Progressive fraternity, our core values and principles, which we honor in our everyday lives are as follows.

  1. Non-Secret
  2. Non-Hazing
  3. Non-Elitest

For over a century Fraternities have been groups hiding behind closed doors, only for the exceptionally privileged. We believe that this experience should be for everyone, no matter race, origin, beliefs, ethnicity, (and in some cases Gender). Our chapter Meetings are open to the public, our cornerstone and ritual book are published as public works for everyone to see, we do not fear the truth for we have nothing to hide.

We value character, merit, and integrity. Hazing is a barbaric ritual that demeans all of those things. Thus we do not practice tit as it would not only demean our prospective members, it would demean our active members as well. For details on what happens during the Associate Member Program click here.

We pride ourselves honor diversity. This is a home to Christians, Muslims, Jews, and Agnostics. A place where fundamental disagreements are overlooked as we are all brothers in the end. But that does not stop us from heavy philosophical debate from time to time.

“I was while in college an active opponent of college secret societies. I believed firmly then, as now, that no sufficient reason has ever been given for breaking up the unity and friendship of college life, by maintaining secret societies, and that their influence is exceedingly unfavorable to the best interests of colleges.”

James A. Garfield, Williams College 1856, 20th president of the USA

Join us this semester and start building up your circle of influence, making life long friends and building up your social and parlimentary skills for the future.


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