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Founded on November 4th, 1834 by thirty freshman, sophomore, and junior students at Williams College in Williamstown, Massachusetts, Delta Upsilon is one of the oldest fraternities in North America. Delta Upsilon is different from other fraternities in a major way: it is non-secret. Since our founding, we have made the ideals and principles that guide our existence public: the Promotion of Friendship, the Development of Character, the Diffusion of Liberal Culture, and the Advancement of Justice. Through these four founding principles, we work towards Building Better Men. With such a strong foundation, it should be no surprise that Delta Upsilon produces some of the most successful men in the world including world leaders, Olympic gold medalists, Nobel laureates, Rhodes Scholars, as well as being voted a top fraternity with Wall Street alumni.


Since our introduction to the University of Toronto back in 1899, we have been successfully preparing men for adulthood and ensuring they leave school with the competitive advantage only Delta Upsilon can provide. The Toronto Chapter has been home to many famous Canadians including the Honourable Lester B. Pearson (former Prime Minister of Canada and Nobel Peace prize winner), J. Arthur Clark (former president of the Canadian Bar Association), Trevor Moore (former VP of Imperial Oil), and three Rhodes Scholars. If you have any questions about us or are interested in joining, please see the ‘Contact’ section below.

“The circumstances of fraternity life gave me a wonderful opportunity for exchanging and sharpening viewpoints; for stimulating interest and curiosity in a variety of subjects. These are essential to true education.”

Lester B. Pearson, Former Prime Minister of Canada, Toronto 1919


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“I was while in college an active opponent of college secret societies. I believed firmly then, as now, that no sufficient reason has ever been given for breaking up the unity and friendship of college life, by maintaining secret societies, and that their influence is exceedingly unfavorable to the best interests of colleges.”

James A. Garfield, 20th US President, Williams 1856


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Brotherhood is a bond that cannot be broken, a friendship that lasts a lifetime.
Ancestry means nothing here, for we are all of the same purpose.